Perm Placement and Headhunting

Perm Placement and Headhunting are services used to source candidates for our clients for positions other than unskilled workers.

Perm Placement is service in which our Agency takes over the whole recruitment process from it's client. It is us who do all the attracting, screening , selecting and onboarding the best candidates for a job specified by our client.

To get a good understanding of our clients' needs we do a very deep job analysis. Our task is to match the best candidate with the job offer. 85% of cases are successful. We give you up to 12 months guarantee for our service.

Headhunting or Executive Search is a specialised recruitment service used to source candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialised positions in organizations. In headhunting we investigate for you wheter the individuals employed in competitors or related businesses might be interested in moving to your business. The service includes screening for candidates, negotiations on remuneration and the employment contract.

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